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Whether you need professional assistance with cancelling a timeshare in Myrtle Beach or just want to discuss your situation with a highly knowledgeable individual who knows the ins and outs of the timeshare industry, PCS is here for you. We can help you avoid the trap of unethical (and fraudulent) timeshare resale scams by offering you real advice about our Myrtle Beach timeshare cancellation services.

The team at PCS takes advantage of our collective knowledge and experience to help our clients navigate the murky waters of cancelling your timeshares legally and permanently. Our consumer advocate team is committed to improving your financial well-being by offering the freedom that cancelling your timeshare would allow. Everyone at PCS continues to improve their knowledge base by actively keeping up with the latest advances in the timeshare industry. Our dedicated file managers constantly keep our clients in the loop by updating them on the status of their cases as new developments arise.

A Timeshare Exit Company You Can Trust

If you are looking for the most reliable and trustworthy timeshare cancellation company that aids Myrtle Beach timeshare owners, you have come to the right place. Our Myrtle beach timeshare cancellation service program features an escrow account, meaning you pay nothing up front. Only after your case reaches the right conclusion does PCS receive any money from our clients. We are different from other timeshare exit companies because we actually care about the financial well-being of our clients. Our dedication to cancelling your timeshare is unparalleled within our industry.

Call the team at Preferred Cancellation Services today and let us help cancel your timeshare in a quick and convenient manner with little to no effort on your part. We have been servicing Myrtle Beach residents for many years and would love to talk to you next.