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The Preferred Difference is all about Customer Service and Results. Our team of timeshare experts, file managers, and Consumer Advocates will work diligently to free you of your timeshare contract. During the process we will keep you informed and up to date with frequent contact that we initiate monthly. Our advocates at Preferred Cancellation Services understand what you have been through, are dealing with currently, and offers a 100% money-back guarantee. That is the Preferred Difference.

All of our representatives have been educated in the ways of the Timeshare industry and we will strive to set a new level of Service on a daily basis for our clients. We will supersede your expectations in the first few minutes of speaking to one of our advocates. Our focus is to provide you with open, honest, and current advice that will help you every step of the way as we assist you in exiting the timeshare process.

A Few Words From Our Founder.

The industry you have been seduced and boxed into is one that has been around for many years. Timeshares were introduced with good intentions but as most things do that changed over time. As you can guess so has the quality of service, the product, and what they are willing to do and say or not say to make you an owner. My goal is to level the playing field for our clients by offering you up-front information that is accurate from the start. Initially in making this decision you followed the advice of your salesperson and unbeknownst to you this advice was not in your favor. My goal is to offer you the guidance you truly need going forward and earn your trust as well as your business with my actions not just my words. Many of you are familiar with the story of David and Goliath, allow our advocates to be your slingshot and the knowledge we provide you with to be the rock sailing from it.

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