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Our Purpose

OUR PURPOSE is to utilize our knowledge to your benefit and to stay cutting edge with our tactics looking forward as you exit your timeshare. As you know this process is not a simple one. If you have contacted your resort you know they will not go forth willingly, this is our specialty. When using PCS it’s not a matter of “If” but instead “When” you are released.

There is no need to hire or retain an attorney directly, which can cost 3-4 times the amount with no guarantee. PREFERRED Cancellation Services is well known for timeshare cancellation, as well as being fairly priced within the industry standards. You may be a happy owner now but all of us may face a lifestyle change in the future. For those that are content we will offer free information and guidance in using the timeshare. Read More

We are very original.

We use your actual experience as an example of what should not and cannot happen anymore at these resorts. Focusing our efforts on timeshare exit and/or cancellation in my opinion is the only viable option for folks to even consider if they were lied to and or deceived. We have the experience of being on both sides of the coin. My mother was a timeshare owner almost 15 years ago. It was acquired in a business matter years ago and she paid only $242.50 (half the closing costs)for almost 4 weeks of points. She wasn’t happy or willing to continue with these money pits even at that cost, once she received her first years bill for dues and TAXES. So I sought out a way to relieve her from our families personal situation through the same program we offer as a service today. A service that gives you the freedom you want, need, and deserve as an individual, family, or client!

Own a Timeshare?

Allow me to first state this before we go any further. Preferred cancellation Services in no ways has any desire to attempt to rent, sell, trade, transfer, donate, acquire, own, or be given any owners timeshares. We do not have any ties to ANY resort in any way and are extremely proud to be a privately owned and operated company. PCS originated out of the Northeast and moved our operations headquarters to central Florida the timeshare capital of the world. We initially assisted owners privately and after about 18 months and a lot of time, money, and energy spent on mastering this system we decided to offer our service to resort owners in need at a very fair price.

No need to hire a lawyer.

I did not need to hire or retain an attorney directly and unless your going for some civil court timeshare fraud case for millions (or in one case we have read Billions) of dollars, rarely is one needed. Now I do know many attorneys and I did have one advise me indirectly in my process years ago. He was and still is a life long friend and business associate. Unfortunately, he could not offer me any type of guarantee of service personally. He informed me that it is unethical to make promises in regards to any outcome as a bar certified attorney. So we designed a program that has the best of both worlds. You have a customer satisfaction guarantee with our service that states “If we do not get you released within one years time you will receive a full refund at that time upon request” and we have the education of a legally challenging mind to advise PCS as we assist you in exiting your timeshare.

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