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Our Purpose

OUR PURPOSE at Preferred Cancellation Services is to utilize our knowledge to your benefit and to stay cutting-edge with our tactics looking forward as we assist you during the exit of your timeshare contract. As you know, the process of cancelling timeshares legally is not a simple one. Preferred Cancellation Services recommends you contact the resort you purchased with and express your situation either by phone or in writing if you haven’t already. If you have contacted your resort, you know they will not go forth willingly. Timeshare Cancellation, Timeshare Exit, and Timeshare Rescission is what we handle and specialize in. When using the “Preferred Timeshare Cancellation Service” it’s not matter of “If” but instead “When” you are released. Our purpose is to offer timeshare cancellation help, guidance, and assistance to those undergoing the many changes that occur as we go through life. Please be aware of deals that sound too good to be true—as the saying goes, “Talk is cheap.” Also, be mindful of companies focused on what your spending or paying currently. Or what another competitor company is doing instead of what you and your family are currently dealing with or experiencing. Read More

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PCS began to utilize your actual experience as an example of what should not and cannot happen anymore at these resorts. Focusing our efforts on timeshare exit and/or cancellation, in my opinion, is the only viable option for folks to even consider if they were lied to and/or deceived. PCS has been utilizing a new process since early this year that consisted of pulling 30% initially of a client’s fee to start the service, then 20% quarterly, which in the end leaves only 10% as their potential profit margin. Should the release take place faster than 9-12 months (1 year), then that profit margin would and/or could increase. This policy created urgency for Preferred Cancellation Services to finish the task even faster, which will benefit the client, the company involved, as well as both parties involved on the resort side. As we end 2019, we will continue to be proactive in our efforts and continue to keep an even balance of how many client files we work with at a time. Currently, we have a quota of 40 clients a quarter, some companies take on forty clients a week. PREFERRED CANCELLATION SERVICES will continue to keep clients in the loop as this timeshare exit industry changes. The newest addition to our program being an Escrow Account which means we are not paid up-front. We are not paid a single dollar from escrow until it has been earned with Results and the Release is complete. We offer an original service that people just can’t seem to quit talking about. A proactive service that gives you the freedom you want, protection you need and deserve as an individual, family, or client!

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Own a Timeshare/Looking to Exit your Timeshare?

You may ask yourself who is Windham Venture LLC, or (DBA) Preferred Cancellation Services? Our company LLC originated in New Jersey in January of 2014 with only hopes and aspirations to assist a select few Wyndham Resort owners with cancelling their timeshare contract. After a few years assisting several different clients in their personal and private situations, we began to research options for other timeshare owners wanting out. In 2018, we moved our operation to the timeshare capital of the world and began offering our assistance to a variety of resort owners in need at a very fair cost, quickly becoming one of the best timeshare cancellation companies out there. Windham Venture LLC (DBA) Preferred Cancellation Services has always been the same company from the start. We have never changed our company name or title. Nor have we ever been known under any other name besides the one shown. We have always been the “preferred” timeshare cancellation service, and we look forward to helping those in need in the future.

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You do not need to hire or retain an attorney directly unless you are pursuing a civil court timeshare fraud case for millions (or in one case billions) of dollars, rarely is one truly needed. In fact, there are only a few timeshare-educated attorneys out there. Fortunately, at Preferred Cancellation Services we do employ a general counsel that assists us during the timeshare cancellation process. Additionally, we have multiple advisors as well as bar certified attorneys we utilize indirectly during our timeshare cancel service. Unfortunately, no attorney of record or attorney at law can make any type of written guarantee of service. We have learned that it is unethical to make promises with regards to outcome as a bar certified attorney. We designed a program that has the best of both worlds. You have a customer satisfaction guarantee with our service that states, “If you are not released within one year time you will receive a full refund from escrow upon certified request,” and we have the education of a legally challenging mind to advise PCS as we assist you in exiting your timeshare SAFELY, LEGALLY, and FOREVER. Furthermore, Windham Venture LLC is not a law firm, and (DBA) Preferred Cancellation Services is not offering or rendering legal advice or legal services.

Midwest Seminar

We are hosting a seminar in Downtown Chicago, Illinois from September 16-19. We can meet and talk in person for any and all timeshare owners that need help cancelling a timeshare contract. New purchases, old purchases, points, weeks, deeded, un-deeded, all needing guidance and help!

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