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Joe Pirrone - ★★★★★

First of all... I just want to say that the timeshare industry is full of wolves. My wife and I made a huge mistake of trusting the "salesman" who sold us a timeshare. We were told that we could use it whenever we wanted, we could trade, rent and everything else and surprise, surprise it was all a lie. When we turned to our resort for help they turned their back on us! So after realizing that we had literally zero use of our own investment we decided it was a huge mistake and we wanted out. So we began the long stressful journey of doing our research. After many hours of researching "Timeshare Exit Strategies" we quickly realized that it was a daunting task to try it on our own. We needed professional help. So we searched for a trustworthy company and after speaking with 4 or 5 different companies we thankfully found Preferred Cancellation Services! We were spending over $500 per month in maintenance and mortgage expenses on our Wyndham resort and felt completely handcuffed. But PCS laid out exactly what would need to happen next and then they delivered as promised. THANK YOU PCS! Without your help I'm not sure how much more stress I could handle. My marriage was also feeling the stress. It makes my skin crawl to know how many people are still out there handcuffed to their timeshare contract. I'm happy with the service and would highly recommend Preferred Cancellation Services to anyone. Thank you! -Joey Pirrone

Brandon Haber